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Advocat Ultima - when expressed in our guild's literature, means The Ultimate Defender.

Our image is principally a guild of adult casual raiders, consisting of quality guildfolks; each and all having the following traits:-

1. Always a teamplayer within the guild and when participating on Saurfang.
2. Confide and make decisions as a team - Only available for members and above at the moment.
3. Run, fail, grow, share & laugh as one - We are seen as ONE, we grew coz of each guildie's support.
4. A Grandmaster in fights & other skills - You are knowledgeable & well prepared for your missions.
5. Heart of a Mammoth - Big & Open - You're never put down by any circumstance & well-loved by all.

And we are more then a guild - we are friendsone community bound together by shared goals & visions of what we want our experience within Warcraft to be like.

We effectively manage our time adventuring throughout the end-game content; since we believe that the journey is as important as the destination. If you want to take part in our adventures, please feel free to check out our guild mission statements and policies. You can then apply, and fill up the Membership Application tool, located on the left panel of this web site. Please be as detailed as possible, since we really want to know you well before you can be accepted. The team within Advocat Ultima awaits you!

Advocat Ultima

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